OpenStreetMap is a free community generated map of the world. This unofficial site presents data that has been added by volunteers in the Nottingham area. You can find out more about OSM, including how to contribute, on the official site.

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As well as a map, OSM is also a geo-database, and this site presents some of the 'hidden' data that doesn't appear in the standard map renderings. Such data includes addresses and postcodes, shop opening times, blue plaques, listed buildings and much more. Through viewing the map and the associated information presented here it is hoped more people will be encouraged to contribute in order to improve and expand the data available.

This site also exists to help existing contributors to spot errors and omissions, as well as presenting open data released by official bodies, which can be used in conjunction with local knowledge and ground surveys to improve the map.

If you have any questions about this site then contact website@osm-nottingham.org.uk. General questions about OpenStreetMap are better directed through the contact channels on the official site.

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